July 6th – On This Day In Music: 6 Fast Facts

1957 – John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet on this day July 6th. On this day The Quarry Men were setting up for a night’s gig when McCartney picked up his guitar and [...]

Flack Attack! 4 Playlists on the new Steve Flack Guitar Academy YouTube channel you need to check out.

Steve Flack’s Guitar Heroes   Over the past decade Steve has been a feature contributor to Australian Guitar Magazine. Producing over 200 interviews and a tonne of jaw dropping tutorials you wish you knew about years ago. Here are some of the YouTube playlists that you can subscribe and binge. […]

Steve Flack’s Rare Interview with Australian Jazz Guitarist Carl Dewhurst

    In this informative interview with Carl Dewhurst, I’ve learned to understand that Steve Flack has a lifelong love and passion for the guitar and his investigations and interviews reveal secrets into some of the most influential guitarists and musicians Australia has produced. These are valuable insights into their education, work ethic and careers as professional musicians. As a student of the craft, it is essential to understand what it takes to reach this level of performance. […]

Can I teach myself guitar?

Ever found yourself staring at a guitarist in action, their hands moving intuitively and without effort to create a dynamic sound with depth, excitement, and intrigue? How do they do that? You wonder. Can I [...]

How to get better at guitar – right now

Even the most talented guitar players hit a brick wall every now and again, so if you are experiencing musician’s block, don’t fret. You can get better at guitar right now by stepping outside of [...]

Guitar Heroes perform ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’

Every now and again we come across one of those songs, songs that get under our skin. They evoke real emotion in a way that only music can. They stick with us – their [...]